Real talk? We've been dreaming of creating a mural festival for Bay County ever since we started working at Bay Arts Alliance in 2018. Every time we talk to the community about what they want to see, murals always come up in the conversation.


And whenever we get together and brainstorm, we think BIG! 


Every other city in the country seems to have a mural festival, so how could ours be different? We thought about all the other festivals we have in Panama City like Public Eye SOAR, Songwriter's Festival, and Spring Festival of the Arts. We looked at the amazing arts festivals other cities put on like Light City Baltimore, and LUMA. And we thought...."Why not combine all these ideas in one crazy, amazing arts festival?"

And that's how FLLuxe was born. Due to COVID, our big plans have been postponed, but we have to start somewhere, so why not with chalk art!

This is the first year of the festival, and we can only grow from here!

How do I pronounce it?

It's pronounced like the Flux Capacitor from Back to the Future. It rhymes with deluxe.

What's in a name?

So why did we choose the name Flluxe? We knew we wanted our arts festival to be more than just murals, so that eliminated Mural Festival This and Mural Festival That.


We also knew that we needed the festival to be flexible. Bay Arts Alliance is a county-wide arts agency, and our vision is to put art on every corner in Bay County. Most cities' downtowns don't have that many walls to paint, so the festival would have to be mobile—moving from city to city and back again. So that eliminated naming the festival after a particular city.

We quickly became inspired by festivals with made up names like Bonaroo, Lolapolooza, and others. The words meant nothing until people caught on to how awesome the event was and they became a strong brand. We liked that idea, but we also wanted our name to stand for something. 

That's when we stumbled upon the word Flluxe. A lightbulb quickly went off in our heads. FL Luxe! Florida Luxe! FLLuxe is a word we can build a brand around, and Florida Luxe is a phrase we can build a brand around. 

And that's how FLLUXE was born! Only time will tell if the name becomes as strong a brand as other festival names. But we have a good feeling about it. We hope you do, too. 

Mark your calendars!

This year's festival will be the first one. It's our hope that the festival will be a moral boost for the community and grow to be a major economic driver for our county over the years. 

So mark your calendars for March 27, 2021, and come on this journey into Florida's newest arts festival and future destination event. We can't wait to see you!


Jayson Kretzer, Executive Director, Bay Arts Alliance

Dixie Clough, Director, Marketing & Development, Bay Arts Alliance